Just Drop a Speaker in the Middle of the Street

“If you build it, they will come”

Or so the paraphrased saying goes.  Bia Hoi junction is just around the corner and is in full flow.  However, the biggest smiles seem to emanate from the people around Hoàn Kiếm Lake as they danced in the street.



It has been our first full day in Hanoi today.  It has been all about “egg coffee”.  Or rather, sugar overload!


Care of The Hanoi Social Club and Giảng Cafe

It was one of those days where you wanted to say a lot was done, but in the main, it was really about aimlessly walking around, and a lot of coffee for me.

I had one of those rare times during the trip where I got to spend a fair amount of time away from the group.

Not always through choice, in the first instance, it was because no one was up before 10:00AM.  The majority of this holiday has seen me wake up at some point between 5 and 7:00AM.

The only time I chose not to was during our stay in Cat Ba.  Where I wanted to sleep in late, but the builders next door to our hotel decided to start work from 6:00AM (much to the chagrin of the girls we are on holiday with).

Anyway, our group did not get out and about until after 12:00PM.  First stop, was Giảng Cafe for egg coffee.

Then we headed towards The Hanoi Social Club.  This was the first time I lost the group as I got sidetracked by basically a kebab sandwich stall.


Hey, I was hungry, don’t judge me!

In the few minutes it took to get this sandwich I managed to lose sight of the group.  Do not know how, but hey, I was hungry.

I found my way to the Hanoi Social Club and after some time the group appeared there and we got lunch.  Or in my case, french fries since I had the sandwich earlier.


Water Puppet Theatre

We made a decision to visit the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre as it seemed to be a recommended stop for Hanoi.  This led to me going to get the tickets and giving me another few hours on my own.  So off I went and wandered around again.

The show was at 6:30PM, but honestly, I am not sure if it matched the expectation I had for it.  It lasted around 45 minutes so it was thankfully over before it got too butt-numbing.

Next stop, was…

Hanoi Night Market.

A long road cordoned off from traffic (although that did not stop some scooters), where all the stalls seemed to be the same shape giving it the illusion of being a never-ending night market (and a form of hell for me if I am honest).


However, the meat skewers sold at various stalls were gorgeous and highly recommended while you traverse this place.


Re Veal Fried

The last food stop this day was at Nhà Hàng Thu Huyền, around the corner from Bia Hoi junction.  Not sure what caused us to pick this place as I am not sure the food was ever going to be for the tourists.

Something is lost in translation when their food is “plated rice”, and “Re Veal fried”

However, I cannot fault the friendliness of the staff, who helped us immensely with the Hotpot we decided to order.



And I am all alone. There is no one here beside me.

With that, the group had finished the night off in different ways.

The majority of the group elected to go to Hill Station on Bia Hoi to get more food (how on earth was the hotpot not enough?)

I decided to go back to the hotel.  That was the plan…

Then someone dropped a speaker in the middle of the street!



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