And Now, The End is Near

How to waste away the last few hours in Hanoi, and indeed, Vietnam?

What else, walk, eat, and shop!


“Disturb the Sound of Snoring”

For the past three nights in Hanoi, our group have basically whiled away the evening hours at the Hill Station.


A bastion of calm among the madness that is Bia Hoi Junction.

For the uninitiated, Bia Hoi Junction is the nightlife spot in Hanoi  stretching between Tạ Hiện, and Lương Ngọc Quyến in the Old Quarter of Hanoi

It is a wall to wall sea of bars, clubs, and restaurants.  Thumping music out of every corner, and promoters everywhere trying to get your custom.


(This pic does not even convey the noise)

As mentioned we have gone to Hill Station every evening after dinner to have a few drinks, and play some cards.  And on our last night there, we were trying out the various flavoured rice wines as one of the group wanted to buy a bottle for her dad.

These ranged from the very sweet like Cinnamon & Honey, or apple.  To the downright disgusting like Sapa Grass.  In the end I think we bought three bottles of various flavours as gifts for people.

Either way, four shots of this stuff, along with four beers meant that by the time I got back to the hotel I was ready to sleep.

My room mate had the same idea.  Until I “started snoring like crazy around 6am”



T-minus 9 hours

It is 10AM on our last day, and I am searching for breakfast and find a lovely bánh mì being sold for 20,000 vnd (that’s like under £1).


That’ll do!

We have arranged for my room to have a late check out so at 12PM everyone descends on our room to leave their luggage there.

Why here and not just in the luggage room?  Because there is more shopping to be done!

And more shopping was conducted (thankfully not with some of our group wearing pyjamas like last time)

To finish off the afternoon we head up to the Red Bean Restaurant.  A place I wanted to go to when we first hit Hanoi but I could not find it.  Until I realized it is the restaurant of the La Siesta Hotel & Spa.

Again, the food here was fantastic.  The soup got top marks for taste and presentation from the girls,  and I loved the pho (which may not be the best endorsement since it seems I love the pho regardless).


T-minus 5 hours

We are back at the hotel, and bringing down the luggage to be held for us until we leave for the airport.  Here is a reminder of “bagception”


We are now just killing time, firstly by chilling at the chocolate cafe Maison Marou Hanoi.


And then…more shopping!  For shoes!  For the guys!  Well I guess he needed a new pair after getting his suit in Hoi An earlier in the trip.

Finally…… we ended up at the dreaded again.


T minus 1 hour

we had made the decision to eat at the airport, rather than find something in Hanoi and running the risk of being late.

And now at Noi Bai International Airport we see the costs of food have just shot up!

….but the pho is still tastes great.  I am going to miss this


Good bye Vietnam

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