Love Monkeys

“one million dong”



Something happened a few nights ago.  I am not sure exactly what, why or how, but the result is that two of our group are now walking around Hanoi dressed in pyjamas, and trainers.


….oh and sunglasses (cannot forget sunglasses)

We have another full day in Hanoi, and the plan is simple:

“shop ’til you drop”!

But first, food!  And the place we had picked out for lunch was the very French-inspired restaurant.  Green Tangerine

Very pricey compared to the other places we have been to in Hanoi (or indeed, Vietnam).

An example:  the Bánh mì around the corner from our hotel – 20,000 vnd (that’s less than a £1), the set menu here, 375,000 vnd.

And yes, two of our group are eating at this restaurant…. in pyjamas

And the food was good!  Really well presented, and tasty.  But I cannot say it is the best place we have eaten at in Hanoi.

That accolade belongs to Chim Sáo

the food here was so good, we actually asked them to sell us the chilli sauce they made!  (we got three bottles).


One Does Not Simply go Shopping in Hanoi!

“Bring an empty suitcase” they said!

Now I am not a fan of shopping in the slightest.  I am the guy that researches what he wants on the internet.   Buys it on the internet.  Job done.

Not here however, silks, cashmere, pearls are all up for grabs

…and yes, fakes (many, many fakes).

So did we listen and bring an empty suitcase?  Obviously not!  Prior to the holiday we were all talking about how we could just get by with taking a week’s worth of clothes in a backpack (personally I still think I took too many clothes, or rather not the right mix).


Now I would love to show you pictures of the girls going crazy while shopping.  Seriously, 7 jackets, pearls, scarves – although they did pick out some great scarves for me for which I am very very grateful

However, they are “very important people” so I have been banned from doing so.  And it has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact they are still wearing pyjamas, jumping up and down in a pearl shop – Huong’s Jewellery

So instead, here is a picture of a spring roll, and some meat skewers I kept eating while passing the time of the Pyjama Duo to finish up.

Anyway, the result is that we have now gone from 7 items of luggage to:


Bagception (or “Matryoshka” bags)


At first count there are 15 pieces of luggage here.  As a reminder, we started with seven.

However, like Russian nesting dolls we have bags in bags in bags!

And then we were out the girls bought MORE BAGS!!!


Korean technology at Vietnamese prices!

Mumuso.Kr is evil incarnate.  You go in there, and you come out with stuff!  Stuff you never knew you wanted.

I walked out with a bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth speakers, and headphones.

Some of my group walked out with nail clippers…..

In total we got 9 packs of nail clippers.








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