I’m Hungry, Where Are We Eating Today?

“Where are we going to eat?”

The perennial question that was asked constantly during our Vietnam trip.

Closely followed by “Shall we get a coffee?”

This is a list of places we ate/drank while in Vietnam.

By no means am I saying they are a “must visit”, however, you would “probably” not go wrong with them.

Ho Chi Minh/Saigon

  • Phuong Cafe (by the Russian Market)
  • Di Mai (hotel restaurant, really good noodles and banh mi)
  • Nhà hàng cà phê 30/4 (behind the Independence Palace)
  • Mountain Retreat (7th-floor restaurant down an alley off Lê Lợi)
  • Cafe Eon (fantastic views from the 52nd floor of the Bitexco tower)
  • Sushi Ko (great Japanese sushi in District 4)
  • Ocean Beach Restaurant 3 (nhà hàng biển dương 3)
  • Backpacker Street (seriously, just find a place and grab some beers here)
  • The Workshop Speciality Coffee (good food, great coffee, really great coffee)
  • Mêlee (7th-floor bar) (great chill out spot overlooking N)guyễn Huệ,
  • Phở Hòa Pasteur (arguably the best Pho in Ho Chi Minh)


Hoi An

  • Morning Glory (great street food style vietnamese dishes, highly recommended)
  • Q Bar (great chill out spot)
  • Soul Kitchen (by An Bang beach)
  • HOME Hoi An (another great restaurant near the Ancient Town)
  • M Bistro (again, a great restaurant in the Ancient Town area)




Sa Pa / Lao Chải


Cát Bà

(really sorry, apparently I forgot to take photos while in Cat Bà)



  • Vino Alley (really good duck pate here, with a massive wine selection)
  • Chim Sao (Possibly the best place we ate at in Hanoi, we bought 3 bottles of their chilli sauce)
  • Giảng Cafe (greatest egg coffee ever)
  • Chops Old Quarter (burger joint)
  • Doner Kebab (kebab joint)
  • The Hanoi Social Club (coffee, great mixture of Vietnamese, Asian, and western food)
  • Nhà Hàng Thu Huyền (more hotpot)
  • Pho Ong Hung
  • Green Tangerine (great French Restaurant with a Vietnamese influence)
  • KOTO  (fantastic food “Empowering at-risk youth to pursue a life of dignity by providing training, life-skills, and opportunity”)
  • Hill Station (yes there is one here in Hanoi, in the Bia Hoi Junction)
  • The Note Coffee
  • Red Bean Restaurant in La Siesta Hotel & Spa
  • Maison Marou Chocolate (really really good chocolate)


As you may have noticed, we were not really hitting the local places.

However, I can say we left most of these restaurants with a full belly, and a bewilderment at just how little we paid.

Do you have any places to recommend in Vietnam?

One Comment Add yours

  1. Hoa Hien Restaurant in Hoi An, T-art in Hanoi, give them a try next time! 🙂


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