You Can’t Have Cake for Breakfast

“I’ll have it instead of toast!”

This is the response I would expect from my 9-year old nephew.

….not my Mum.

Basically, there is an untouched cake (from M&S) following our family Christmas gathering.

Untouched because there was already so much “dessert” food that was brought over.  This included many chocolate biscuits, a red velvet cake, and lots of Filipino rice cake.

As mentioned this has not been the greatest for my diet, however, the one saving grace I did have is that NO ONE touched the salad that was made.

This allowed me to have salads over the next two days.  Although I will say it was covered in leftover meats (turkey, and gammon).



Hi-ho, hi-ho, *sigh*

Now that I am back at work I am trying to figure out lunch options, and ended up going to Eat Tokyo in Holborn.

To be honest, I have been wanting to go here for absolutely ages since most of the “Japanese” places around here just do your standard bento boxes, and katsu curries.

Even on a Tuesday afternoon (around 1pm), this place was absolutely packed so I would recommend booking if you have a large (3+ people) group.  Unless you are happy to queue outside.

But, wanted unagi (eel) and yakitori and at this stage, I was not going to be denied.

In total, the meal for two of us cost £38.30.  Note this is without any alcohol (apparently eel can be quite expensive).

We got the unagi-jyu, tempura bento, california roll, and the yakitori.  To drink we had the cold green tea, and mineral water.



We finished our meal.   Well, I say “our” meal, but I seemed to have finished the unagi and yakitori (my order), as well as half the california roll, and the tempura bento (my friend’s order).

And I feel totally bloated and want to sleep.

So sleep I did when I got back home in the evening.  Only to then wake up around 8:30 PM, go downstairs and eat some leftovers in the fridge, including potato salad, pasta, and the rest of the gammon from Sunday.

… this diet thing is not going so well.



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