Sweet, Meat, Grease, and Cheese!

Melting down your wrist!

That will be my situation later on as I munch on a burger!

But for now, salad!



Now that I look at it, the lettuce does not seem so… fresh?

However, this is the Bang Bang Chicken from Vital Ingredient (£6.45).  And I have to admit,  it was tasty.  The different ingredients, sweetcorn, peppers, carrots, gave it a lot of texture.  I just wish it had more chicken in it.

Like, a lot more chicken,

Nandos levels of chicken.

UPDATE:  I have been denied a burger.

Is it ok to go to a burger joint on your own?  Is there any kind of rules for that?  Like going to the cinema on your own?

Questions for later I guess.


I Can See The Finish Line!

Last day in the office this year and it has been a long slog just trying to get the hours to pass.

I and the few people on our team who are in have made plans to go Nandos for lunch.  I’m in the middle of central London, and Nandos is the best we could come up with.

It is not like I hate Nandos or anything.  There is nothing wrong with half a roast chicken, hot (should have got extra hot), with sweet potato wedges, and chargrilled veg (£14.65, circa 900 calories…. not that I’m counting or anything).

But we are surrounded by options, but I guess Nandos is safe for everyone.

Oddly enough, it took them ages to get all our food out.

I was the last to order, but the first to get food.  They did get the chicken wrong, giving me Lemon & Herb, but they quickly rectified that (although I half think they just doused the chicken in hot sauce from one of the table bottles, and then changed the flag).

However, it took at least 15 minutes for the other two to get their food.  And of all things, the last thing to arrive on our table was the grilled halloumi.

Another thing, am I the only one who thinks it is odd to eat chicken pitta or a chicken burger with a knife and fork?

As always, half a roast chicken is my go to at Nandos.  This time, however, was the first time I got the sweet potato wedges.

I generally feel sweet potato is generally softer than white potatoes, so I should really not have been surprised at the softness of the wedges.

What I was not a fan of was the coriander sauce, and seed combo which I felt overpowered the wedges.

However, the chicken was good (when they got the sauce right).




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