Best Laid Plans and All That

How many times does it take for someone to make “you” say “(Insert expletive here) you, you’re taking the piss!”.

And then, what happens if because of that, you changed your plans which resulted in:


Carrot cake!  Also, no, that is not a small slice of carrot cake, rather an oversized fork.

Would you really still be annoyed at your friend?

Because, you know, nothing beats a good carrot cake.

Except for maybe a New York Cheesecake.

Which might be a problem, since I am not in New York.

I am in the 5th View bar in London.


I have ended up here after having to alter my plans again.  Having yesterday agreed to meet with a friend in Covent Garden.  The same one who I was supposed to get a burger with a few days ago.  You know, the one who DENIED me!

Okay, an over exaggeration, however, the point still stands.

They (for a very very good reason I might add) could not make it again.

So there I am on the Tube (tube/underground for people who understand London’s transport system) heading into Embankment.

(side note, which end is the correct one to start eating a cake?)

Anyone, back to plans.  Friend cannot make it anymore, I am already nearing West End. What should I do?

“Live in the moment!!!”  No wait, too psychological/philosophical at this time in the day without alcohol.

… no, in my case it is…

Find Something to Eat

After chilling in Trafalgar Square seeing a very oddly placed Pikachu, and a street busker from Australia named Cam (a very talented musician) I stumbled across the  Christmas in Leicester Square market.


Now I am not sure if this has been a regular thing or just something that’s popped up this year, or it has been running for a while, but….. it has food!

And the problem I have with Christmas Markets is the choice of food.

I finally got my burger!  A spicy boar burger in fact (£13 for the burger, chips, and a bottle of water) and yes it was soooooooooo worth it.

I should really have stopped there, but they had mini pancakes (£5.00 for 10).  With apple, cinnamon, and whipped cream.

Don’t judge me, it’s Christmas!


They also had cheese fondue, hot dogs, crepes, and a bar!

Now that I think about it, there is a Nordic Christmas market thing going on in Southbank.

Let’s take a walk down there, it should at least burn off some of the calories consumed so far.


And Even More Food

Hmmm, some of these places look familiar.  Pretty sure the same mini pancake place is here too.


But this grill is the shizzle.


I want one in the garden.

This place is much better than the Leicester Square one.

If anything for the wood fires, and hot chocolate they have here (oh and that grill).



I have a feeling I am not going home for a while…..

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