East End Boys and West End Girls

There is something about London at night, that always makes me a happy bunny.

Or maybe it is just because it Christmas at the moment and I am loving the various lights.

Including here at Carnaby Street


and here at Glasshouse Street in Piccadilly Circus.



The Christmas Markets I visited earlier in the day also take on a different vibe.

Christmas at Leicester Square



Rekorderlig Cider Lodge at SouthBank Centre



Food is still as good though!


Basically another excuse to show this grill again!


Time for Dinner

Meeting with some of the guys and girls from the Vietnam trip for a small catch up and dinner, and drinks, and maybe dancing (if one of them gets their way)!

Earlier in the afternoon two of them (the couple), had headed out into the West End in order to buy some of gifts.

In reality they were trying to buy gifts for each other, since this would be their first Christmas in London and it would be lovely to have something under the tree (all together now…..awwwwww).

And like most couples.  They are trying to hide that fact from each other.

Seriously though, they are as bad as each other.  How have you NOT bought anything at this point?

We have been back for two weeks now.


The guy, has an idea of what he wanted to buy, but got bogged down in terms of logistics.  In the end, he store he could have bought it from was closed for the evening, even if he did make a decision.  Hopefully he can find something on Christmas Eve (how cliched).

The girl, also has an idea, and it was a nice idea, and very well thought out.  She wanted to get him a bottle of perfume/aftershave that the guy liked based on the small sampler.

But she could not find it anywhere.  She searched a number of stores, but obviously missed the main one.  Google.

One quick search showed that if she went to the store NEXT DOOR to the John Lewis she tried, she would have found it.

Not to be undetered she rushed to the store while we were all in the Ham Yard Hotel and was successful in getting a bottle.

I digress, we mentioned dinner, and it was fantastic.

We managed to get a table at Blacklock Soho who do steaks, and other cuts of meat.  But really, why else would you come here for anything but the steaks.

The staff here were fantastic, and were able to give recommendations for our group size. The bartender, who’s name I have completely forgotten was really knowledgable and I had a great chat with him about bourbons.

So yes, we did get steaks, an 800g Prime Rib (to share between two), and a 750g Bone in Sirloin (again to share between two).  We also tacked on a sixth Rib Eye because why not?  Some starters were also ordered, rounded off with some side orders.


Seriously though, I barely got time to take the photo before the Rib Eye was nearly finished!

And everything got demolished!

The damage to our wallets was a hefty £228 (or £57 per head).  It should be said we had a few cocktails to go with this.

(I shudder to think how much I have spent on food today considering all the stuff at the Christmas markets)


In to The Night

We finished the evening by going to the Experimental Cocktail Club in ChinaTown.


(much to the disappointment of the dancer of the group).

It was not a very busy cocktail bar.  Most likely because it is one of those plain door type things that the only reason you would notice it is you already knew it was there.  Or you were curious as to why there is a doorman standing outside a door that looks like it leads to someone’s house.

To think we would end up playing cards in a place like this until 1:00 AM.

Merry Christmas everyone




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