Christmas Is Here, Bringing Good Cheer

Carol of the Bells is quite probably my favourite Christmas Carol.

In particular, this version.


In a small time of reflection, I ended up thinking about how my attitude to Christmas has changed over the years.

From being a kid and competing with my little sister as to who had a bigger line of presents.  Yes, a line or presents, it did not matter about the total mass of them (she got a kitchen set one time).

It was a time where I did not care WHAT the presents were, just that I got them.

Mum was good, nay, she was brilliant at getting a variety of presents to keep us entertained at that age (eg entire set of A-Team toys, He-Man toys, random board games.)

Board games…. now there was something that could keep the family occupied for hours. Playing Monopoly, Game of Life, Scrabble all the way through the afternoon.

Anyway, by the ages of 12 years, it was a time of wanting specific presents.  I did not care what else I got, as long I got what I specified.  Be it a pair of trainers (that would cost my mum nearly a week’s wages), a games console (at least a month’s wages), or some silly piece of fashionable clothing (baggy jeans was the style at the time).

Then by 15 years old, it was just about asking for money.  Then I could spend it on whatever frivolous stuff I wanted without being judged.

By 19 years old, the presents had dried up, and the roles had begun to reverse.  I finally get to ask what people want for Christmas.

Leave it to my sister to make sure she was always asking for something expensive.  Mum on the other hand always had more moderate requests such as a pair of earrings.

Now we are at the time where it is about buying the presents for the kids.  In particular, my niece and nephew, as well as my cousins’ kids.

And they have expensive tastes (quite possibly this is how my mum felt).

Christmas Traditions

There has only really been one Christmas Tradition.  Lunch is at my parents’ house.


Close family friends would visit.  In particular, people who looked after my sister and me, when mum was working second, and third jobs.   And when some of my cousins settled in the UK, they would bring their families too.

As mentioned in a previous blog post Mum would ensure a vertiable feast would be available for breakfast, and lunch.  Dinner was always sorted by the leftovers!

Xmas 2017
Obliteration 2017


2016 food prep
2016 Christmas Lunch


And like I have mentioned previously, mum is an absolute legend when it comes to preparing and laying out this food.

And it is only in the past few years that I have truly come to appreciate the immense work that goes into getting it done.

However, over the past few years,  there have been a few hiccups.  The first being in 2015, when Mum and Dad took a cruise around Scandinavia for 10 days.

So Christmas was at my sister’s house.  Not a bad turn out for food if I say so myself.


Also, I had to look after the cat over the 10 days

the cat

This cat only tolerates my existence because I will occasionally feed her.


This year, Sis and her family have gone skiing over Christmas (hence why our Xmas lunch was on the 17th)

This has let Dad do his DIY thing at their house, and so just mum and I woke up on Christmas Day at the house.


We are still cooking a roast beef.

Roast beef for two

Because what it would be if we did not have something to cook on Christmas Day


Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all have a fantastic day!







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