“Happy New Year” In this country we say “Happy New Year.”

Oh, ho, ho, thank you for correcting my English which stinks

– Trading Places


Around this time every year, someone will ask the question akin to:

“did you accomplish your goals for this year?”

My answer is a resounding…


I mean, at this stage I cannot even remember what I was doing in 2016, let alone what decisions I had made in a drunken conversation.

Actually, that’s a lie, I do recall one of them to not be single by the end of the year.

And that was a failure (although I technically I have 8 hours left at the time of writing this).

However, is it good to have goals?  Yes, it is.

What I do not think is good is to try and lump them all in at one point in the year and decide “New Year, New Me” that rarely works.

Change is a gradual thing, and I believe that if you have anything you want to change.  Do it there and then, rather than try and set a time for it.

Get started with your change, and if you waiver off your path while doing it then, learn why, and get started again.

Then as time goes on, you can rope in other changes that you want.

Hopefully, that means everything is interwoven into your life more seamlessly rather than having a 20-ton block just dropped on you.

Which is generally how I feel about quitting smoking.

Or trying to limit how many of these I’m allowed per day/week


I got this within 20 mins of reaching London Bridge from Gatwick Airport (Borough Market rules)


Thanks go out to the Vietnam crew who provided me with a load of resolutions.  Most of which I have already got started on.  (Writing this blog was one of them).

I hope that I will have achieved most of them by the end of the year.

But in all honesty, they are just additions to the ever-growing list that I have in my head of what I need to do.

Now if only I would listen to my own advice and get started on those too.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a Happy New Year (or a merry one, or both)

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