Do You Ever Stop Eating?!

“What?  I’m hungry!”

– Ron Weasley


Which seems to be the case now.  I am ALWAYS hungry (note, this is my excuse to keep eating, and not some sort of medical condition)

And I wouldn’t mind if I could sate my hunger with something healthier but last week while taking a walk to get away from my desk and stretch my legs it hit me.

It hit me like a falling piano…

…I’ve fallen off the wagon again (the sugary snack one).

I blame my mum!!!

Because there is something like this in the house.


It is ALWAYS in the house.

And it never empties…

Maybe I should just move it under the stairs…

Anyway, this realisation made me slink back to the office empty-handed after visiting M&S, Pret a Manger, and Holland & Barrett (was very close to buying protein bars after half convincing myself that they would be a healthy treat).

I ended up eating fruit and asking myself why is it so hard to do the healthy thing when I was happily doing that back in Vietnam.


Please Sir, Can I Have Some More.

I have tried to make a concerted effort to not spend money this month, especially on lunches.

And up until Wednesday, I managed to bring in lunch from home.  This was made easier by mum cooking up some great food like roast chicken.

But now it’s Thursday, and Kerb is running a street food market nearby at the Gherkin.  I say “nearby”, they are still 20 minutes away.  But the food there is…




It is a testament to the food here that people are willing to stand in the rain for their stall of choice!


The stall I am queuing at is BBQ Dreamz a Filipino food stall doing their take on adobo, curry, and bbq glazed meats. (£9.00 for a large portion, yes please)


Needs more chilli

Now, if I will be honest.  For me, this is NOT adobo.

chicken adobo

This is adobo

But I am not going to nit-pick when it tastes so good.  The meat reminds me of Filipino BBQ parties, where we would marinate the meat for the skewers in…

…well in something that contains, soy sauce, and 7-Up (yes, the soft-drink).

Also, on a side note, I must have a look on my face that says “please do not insult me with the few red chilli flakes you’ve put on top”  YES I do want more.

And I would keep asking for more, but it always seems like it is in such a small supply.

(hence there is ALWAYS a bottle of sriracha sauce available at my desk).


But Wait, There’s More!

I also snuck in a sneaky steak sandwich by the guys at The Beefsteaks.


Now that is a mountain of sandwiches!



Fresh, crusty loaf.  Perfectly cooked medium rare beef with the juices just seeping into the bread.  And a fantastic sauce on it.  You have a choice, but the only correct answer is chimichurri! (All for £8.00)


It Is Not Like I am Calorie Counting

Which is a good thing since on Friday I ended up going to Viet Eat (finally), and getting a bowl of beef pho (£8.95)

Pho Bo

And on the plus side, the broth was fantastic and flavoursome.  Nice amount of beef in there too.

However, there were more cons than anything.  The beef could have done with not being cooked for so long.  Unless you eat the meat relatively quickly it can get a little tough as it continues cooking in the broth.

Also, the noodles just seem to fall apart.

I am fairly adept at using chopsticks.  Even before the Vietnam holiday, where you are more or less forced to use chopsticks.  But no amount of effort on my part would result in a decent amount of noodles being picked up.  And often they would end up snapping.

But the biggest problem I had was the miniature amount of sides given.  Just look at that tiny bowl of herbs, and beansprouts!  I literally picked up the bowl and just dumped the contents straight into the pho.

But it was still tasty.

Now, If only I could just stick to buying one thing again.

Chilli Salt and Pepper Squid

But I am finding it hard to do that these days! (£7.95 for the salt and pepper squid)

Again these could probably do with being a bit more spicier, but gotta love the garlic on them too.


Where Did The Weekend go?

I’ll tell you where it went…


It went to Maltby Street Market.

I am still trying to figure out how I did not know about this place?  It’s been here since like 2012?  Probably earlier.

I foresee a lot of exploring, and eating, and by the looks of things… drinking.

Thus far, I’ve been introduced to the scotch eggs by the ladies at Finest Fayre (£8.00 for the eggs with sweet potato fries and coleslaw)

There was a great amount of choice, and everything looked so tasty.  This it would be chorizo, but I was sorely tempted by English breakfast one (sausage, mushroom, bacon).

I might/will need to come back to try the other.

Drinks were supplied by the people at Hiver Beers at their Tap Room just outside the market.


And the brown ale (£3.50 per bottle) they served just went so well with the scotch egg and sweet potato fries I had.

I will be back here, to try everything else…

…which may take I while, but I’ll do it!

For Science!







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