What Did The Cheese Say to Itself?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

– Unknown

This is why I make the decision to eat at different places.

… because I don’t want to go insane.

That is a good application of that definition right?


That and I am slowly going mad by doing the same thing at work every day!

In my opinion, lunch should be a time to break up your day and do something different (however little) rather than sit at your desk eating the same type of sandwich.

In the case of the guy who sits next to me, it is an arid and dreary peanut butter sandwich which, he says, is part of his bulking phase (don’t get me wrong, I love peanut butter, but you need good bread as well to make a great sandwich).

Personally, I’ve been in a bulking phase for the past 35 years.

I’d like to start a cutting phase, but, you know, that kind of food that goes with that lifestyle isn’t…


Halloumi fries deep fried, served with a yoghurt dressing, with a molasses sauce, mint, and topped with red chilli. £6.00 from the guys and girls at Oli Baba down at various markets.

And if you didn’t get the main parts of that description I’ll repeat it.


You know what else was deep fried here?


And also with red chillis

This was described as”Just Calamari”

Sometimes, all you want is “just” calamari.

And as you might have noticed from my time in Spain.

I love calamari/squid, and seafood in general.

Both of these were from the delightful Kerb Street food market, within Camden Market (Camden Lock Pl, London NW1 8AF)

Back to Lunch

Which leads me back to my previous point of trying to eat something different for lunch as often as possible,

Because you have an excuse to drag a workmate to Claw (21 Kingly St, Soho, London W1B 5QA)

Over the last two years we’ve traded at markets throughout London, festivals across the UK and ran pop-ups at various restaurants and bars. 


Crab Mac ‘n’ Cheese
Crab Fries
Octopus with Fennel and Tomatoes


As the name suggests, Claw specialises in all things crab.  However, don’t worry if crab is not your thing (what is WRONG with you!?) as they have other options to cover practically all other bases.

The meal we had came up to £37.00 for two without any alcohol.

We had the crab mac ‘n’ cheese, crab fries (see the pattern here?), and to be different, octopus with fennel, and tomatoes.

One thing to note is that your food is brought out as it finishes cooking, so start on the food as it gets to the table.  Or perhaps you could ask if they can bring everything out together.



You know, I’d gladly just have leftovers from lunch though, if it was always something of the calibre of, say, a roast dinner.

Who says, roast dinner is just for Sunday?

Not my mum, who cooked two, roast chickens just to make sure I could take some in for lunch the next day.


Just how much chicken did she think I was going to eat?

Doesn’t matter, thanks mum!

#minor #rant

In the United Kingdom, the issue of food being overpriced is just a thing you have to accept.

I was in Westfield Stratford City (a shopping centre in East London) and saw a smoothie place.  This cost me £4.65 for a medium sized drink.

And yet in Barcelona for a single euro…

Fresh Fruit for days

This was the choice I had available.

Yes I know, things get cheaper, if you want to put in the time and effort of doing the boring things like

  • Learning a recipe
  • Buying ingredients,
  • Failing the recipe
  • Eating whatever monstrosity you have created because it was made with love and care (and likely, profanity).
  • Regret that in order to make it cheap, you employed economics of scale, and made enough for 24 meals

In the case of that last point, I do have a friend who does cook 24 portions and then freezes them.  That is food prep taken to another level!!!

However, I’ll admit that I do like cooking some food.


For example, cooking eggs is a nice easy thing that’s done in a few minutes.  Therefore, I am happy to do that instead of paying £5.00 for scrambled eggs from some cafe.

I will pay £5.00 for this though.


Which I can get from the local cafe down the road (I say down the road, more like a 20-minute bus ride)!


vs the effort it took to cook this (time to cook, 45 minutes)

Although, I will admit the pancakes were nice!

So was the bacon, and the eggs…

…and the croissant.

I only wanted pancakes.


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