Food, Glorious Food

Tis an ill cook that cannot lick his own fingers.
– Twelfth Night: Act 1, Scene 3

“You’re the foodie to talk to” was the phrase uttered to me last week by a work colleague as she strode up to my desk.

She had asked someone in the office for advice on local Korean BBQ places.  That someone directed her to me.

If you’re wondering, I sent them to Superstar BBQ located in St Giles near Tottenham Court Road.  It transpires that it was a fantastic choice for her and her friends, and they enjoyed their evening there.  Phew, that was great to hear.

But, “foodie”?  I’m not sure? Okay, I do like eating great, tasty food.  I cannot deny that. And I will go across London to try something.


Like here at Bang Bang Oriental food hall in Colindale, London


or in some cases…


I’ll fly there!


I tried looking up the definition of a foodie and was presented with the Wikipedia entry (taken from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English):

“A foodie is a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and alcoholic beverages”

Well, that could be me.  I definitely have an ardent (very enthusiastic or passionate) interest in food.

Not so much alcoholic beverages, but I will not say no to a beer as long as it’s cold, or bourbon.  Not so much wine though.

However, I do have a particular passion and enthusiasm for streetfood, and the places you can find them such as, well, food markets (where else?).

London’s food markets pretty much have something for everyone.  Including tasty treats you never knew you wanted!



 ‎”Houston, we’ve had a problem” 


“As you adequately put, the problem is choice.”

My closest food market on a day to day basis is Leather Lane.  I will go there with a definite plan in mind.  And then I get presented with choice.  Lots, and lots of choice.

And as the saying goes:

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy!

and I end up just buying more than one item.


Pork Shoulder in a bloomer
Chicken Schnitzel


At the very least it gives me more stuff to post on my Instagram

The other question raised from the definition of “foodie” is whether my interest in food is “refined” (developed or improved so as to be precise or subtle).

I’m not sure that is the case.  I just happen to know what I like.  And that can be a fickle thing at the best of time.

There are always the classics like Burgers and Dim Sum, and lobster noodles (always noodles).

But pizzas, chicken, bbq, Asian food of some kind or another will always fall in and out of fashion.

Hell, I go on about pho (that lovely Vietnamese noodle dish) after falling in love with it back on my Vietnam trip.  Will I still be crazy about them in a year’s time?

Hope so.

Cos they are lovely bowls of… loveliness.



I do try and make to have a goal of trying different types of foods.  If anything so I can say I have an opinion and back it up with evidence that I have tried it.

Such as these vegan burgers from the guys and girls at Mooshies on Brick Lane.


Which, if I am honest, while it tasted nice, only served to reinforce that I am a carnivorous, devourer of all things meat.

Roast Lamb

And pancakes!




Maybe the best way to describe me is not with the term “foodie”.

But rather, “glutton”.






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