Chocolate, and Donuts, and Cakes!

Oh my!

And don’t forget truffles either.


Yes, I do have an incredibly sweet tooth.

Not necessarily for chocolate bars themselves, but my goodness, I do have a hard time saying no to stuff like:

Cookie dough brownies

and cakes


and anything covered in nutella.


Nutella seems to be the weakness of even the most health-conscious of people.  As attested by the office “pull-up champion”.  Where, in her house, whole jars of Nutella just seem to disappeer.  After which her husband tells her that’s because she is walking around the house with a jar of Nutella in one hand, and a spoon in the other.

You do the math!

They say, if you really want to judge how good a restaurant is, then get dessert.

Most of the time, they have ordered the desserts in, and just defrosted an allocation for the day.

My usual go to desserts is cheesecake, and failing that, ice cream.

A friend of mine is an avid crumble eater, and is generally a very harsh “critic” of them.


And sometimes, you find something really good.

Like the macarons we had in Maison Marou, in Hanoi, Vietnam


or the Green Tangerines

From, well, Green Tangerine, also in Hanoi, Vietnam


But the sweetest thing of all?

Making desserts with family!


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