Lupins – Union Street, London

I have a problem when I find a new place to eat. Not to be confused with eating at a new place.

I may have known that a restaurant is there but never got a chance to try it.  However, when a restaurant like Lupins has been around since 2017 you have to ask the question:

“How did I miss this?”

Grabbing lunch with a friend on Friday (hey, I’m off today) was probably supposed to be: go to Borough Market, visit one of the market traders who magically conjures up something astronomically tasty made with fresh ingredients before your very eyes.

However, he is with his better half (also a lovely friend), and she was hoping for pasta at Padilla.

However, anyone who’s been to Padilla would tell you that you probably will have to queue. Not to get in, just to put your name on the waiting list to get in (hey, their words, not mine). Then it struck me that we were near Lupins and we should try our luck there.

We arrive after nearly walking straight past the blue front of the restaurant (I think it’s blue). And after asking for a table for three were told that the upper dining floor was full. However, we could sit at the bar counter and dine there. Not a problem, it’s always fun to watch the chefs in action.

We sat down, made ourselves comfortable, and started perusing the menu. Then, while being mesmerised by the work of the people preparing the food, we were told that they had managed to get a table for us upstairs.


Upstairs is a tiny place, with maybe 20 or so covers. The decor has a light airy, feel with pastel colours, and large windows allowing for a lot of light to come in. A far cry from the moody dark lighting that some places love to place you in.

Anyway, back to the menu. Lupins prides itself on using seasonal fare, so what you see now, is likely not what you’ll see at another time. Case in point, the sample menu on their website bears no resemblance to the tacos, ceviche, mussels, pork. fish, and croquettes that we ordered.

What I can say is that they use fantastic British ingredients, and turn them into dishes and cuisines you expect from somewhere else. So in our case, the food seemed to have a Mexican, and Spanish feel to it (can’t complain at that).

And if you still cannot decide, then ask the staff. Our waiter was great at helping us make selections based on our preferences, and what she liked too.

Now, the one thing we did not realise, is that they bring the food out to you as it’s ready, and prepared.

Mushroom croquettes

Meaning that we got to savour each dish in turn

Hake Risotto

One by one.

Pork chop

This is a fantastic way to eat when you have a group, and you can order many different dishes


However, not so much if you are in a bit of a rush

Ox cheek tacos… this so much!

Although I’m told they do have an express menu. So, when we are an hour or so into our meal, my friend is making excuses for conference calls, and work. Go ahead, more food for the remaining two of us! Sadly, his conference call got moved, so he came back. Just in time for the next course/dish. Then he went off again.

“Should we get dessert?” “Yeah! let’s have a look at the dessert menu”


Seriously though, order the dessert, this chocolate ganache is positively criminal. And my mate turns up again. His conference call was cut mercifully short.

In total, we paid £25 per head for the food. Note that we did not have any alcohol (something about conference calls I guess), but even with a bottle of wine, I doubt this bill would have gone above £30 per head.

We were all stuffed, and most of all loved the food. I totally recommend coming here. As long as you have the time to relax and enjoy yourselves, you won’t be disappointed.

By the way, if it’s on the menu, order the tacos.


Instagram: @lupinslondon

Address: 66 Union Street, London, SE1 1TD

Phone: 020 3908 5888

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