Watching the World Go By – My Favourite Place

Waterloo I was defeated, you won the war
Waterloo promise to love you forever more
Waterloo couldn’t escape if I wanted to


By and far my favourite place in London has to be the Southbank, and Waterloo area.  It is not a local place to me having to travel on public transport for forty minutes or so.  However, when I get there I can easily lose a day in the area, as it provides many things for me to do such as:


Not one, but two markets are in the area.  The first. Lower Marsh is an iconic street located behind Waterloo Station.  It is absolutely teeming with personality from the various local shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars.  And also a fantastic street food scene.


Speaking of streetfood, another food market pops up behind the Royal Festival Hall every Friday – Sunday IMG_20171103_144734.jpg

And they house places like Frenchies and their divine double fried in duck fat fries with truffle oil mayo.


Seriously, who can say no to that?

And then to top off it off, ANOTHER market kicks in during Christmas.


And they have these guys with this massive charcoal grill.


Also, mini pancakes.

Mini Pancakes

Taking Photos.

Southbank is by far the most photogenic place ever (or at least…. in London).



I’ll just leave these here.

People Watching

Watching the world go by


So seriously, go get lost in the arches in Southbank and Waterloo

Favorite Place

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