Street Food! KERB – Southbank May 3rd – 7th 2018

Now y’all (“y’all”? what the…)

Hmm, anyway, as you all know, I do tend to spend a lot of my time in Southbank, and their surrounding markets

So imagine my joy when I find out that KERB were taking over for the Early May Bank Holiday weekend with their annual South Asian Market

No go on, imagine that grin creeping across my face, I’ll wait.

Bonus points if you put maniacal laughter along with that it.

For those not in the know, “KERB markets are the place to go if you want a great lunchtime experience.”

Their words, not mine.  But it does ring true.  I’va happily jumped on a train for to visit their sites in Kings Cross, or Leadenhall when I’m at work.  And each time it has happily been worth it!

So yes, It’s already Saturday so if you’re still thinking about where to hit for lunch.  Go here.  Then enjoy the Southbank, because the weather is fantastic!

You’ll find them, behind the Southbank Centre, closest station Waterloo

Kerb Alchemy Southbank 2DSC_0982DSC_0970Some of the queues for the stalls are real!  But the wait will be rewarded!

Some of the places my friends and I got to try included

English Indian - Fish Halloumi Chips

The fish and chips (and halloumi) from English Indian.  With spiced chips, fantastic mushy peas, and a gorgeous curry sauce.  This was the first dish I got here.  And it took nearly all my will power to not go back for a second portion.  It’s that good!

Instagram: @theenglishindian1


Baba Gs - Burgers

The lamb burgers from Baba Gs, I’m assured by no less than two people in the group. were fantastic.  “Assured” since I didn’t even get a chance to take picture of their food.  They also have a fantastic veggie option as well.  Again… not that I got to take a picture.

Instagram: @babagsfood

Prairie Bites BBQ - Tacos

Prairie Fire BBQ is here to give you your taco fix.  With range of fillings incluing lamb, pork, and chicken.  I’m sure the fourth option is the veggie one.

Go on, top em with fresh chillis.  You MAY regret that.  However you’ll still be enjoying the taste of BBQ

Now if I could find somewhere for my tequila fix to go with this.

Instagram: @Prairiefirebbq



Spicy Fried Chicken?  check!  With jalfrezi sauce? check!  and topped with fresh chillis? check.  The people at Da Ja Chicken are, as always, killing it.

But, if that’s a bit TOO much spice for you, they have a butter chicken version as well which is every bit just as good.

I should mention that this dish, turned the most heads while I was walking back to the guys.  No less than 6 people stopped me asking where this came from.

Instagram: Da Ja Chicken


Fundi’s have taken their pizza oven and are giving flat breads the pizza treatment.

Flat breads are the sort of dishes that can be had as a meal, like this keema version.  Or get the garlic, cheese, naan goodnees as a side dish to your beer.  You will not regret this decision.  Also, they can have stuff ready in like 90 seconds.  I timed it too.  Piping hot straight out of their brick oven.  How on earth anyone could work by that oven in this heat…

Instagram: @fundipizza


For your dessert fixes I heartily recommend going to KHAO, who while also doing a brilliant range of noodle dishes, also have this fantastic Crazy Banoffee as a dessert offering.  It is a banoffee pie in a cup.  It is so worth it.


Also Vicky’s Donuts.  I shouldn’t have to say anything more than that.  Cos, you know.



Salted caramel with ginger donuts!

Vegan pistacio and orange donuts!

and more!  There was a white chocolate one with ginger as well.  But I’m not showing a picture of that…

mainly because I ate it before I even got the camera out!

Instagram: @vickysdonuts



And unfortunately, there’s even more out there that I, and my friends didn’t have space to try.  Stalls including The Cheeky Indian, Keema Dreamz (from the people who do BBQ Dreamz), Sonita’s Kitchen, Sri Lankan Burrito (run by Taco Daves), and Black Mylk (who have a fantastic waffle, and ice cream combo.  Perfect for this weather).

DSC_0936Kerb Alchemy SouthbankDSC_0980DSC_0984

The only challenge, well besides DECIDING what to eat, is finding a place to sit down and enjoy!

I’ll leave that to you guys, let me know what you try!

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