Mother Clucker – Exmouth Market

disclaimer – I’ve never eaten their food before.


secondary disclaimer – I visited during their soft launch

Yup, sorry, my bad!  For all the talk I give about streetfood this, and finding things to eat that.  I’ve never eaten their food before.  Even worse, it’s not like I’ve not been in the vicinity of them.

Brick Lane?  Yup, been there.  Numerous times.

Flat Iron Square? Yup, been here too, just as many times.

Hawker House?  Yes, I’ve even visited here.

The worst is that I have even seen their stalls.  It’s just, just, well, my eyes get turned by pretty things like:

Asian food like various baos, or bowls of rice/noodles with lots, and lots of pork.

Or burgers, there’s always burgers.

However, this time is different, as Mother Clucker have their new permanent residence on Roseberry Avenue near Exmouth Market!  Four brick walls with a bright LED sign housing their gorgeous “twice-battered fried chicken”.  Proclaiming, we are here!

And judging by the queue that formed before they had opened for the evening,  yes, people knew they were here!


and the queue stretched far behind me!

Nearly there!

We’re in, after over an hour of queuing (an hour, 60 mins ,3600 seconds)!  The only reason I’m mentioning this is that I like to reiterate the stuff people will do in the name of food (including me).  So for the love of fried chicken, please remember that this is their soft launch, and I while I do expect to return after they fully open, I don’t think I’ll be waiting for 60 minutes!

I finally get to order!

  • Strips please!
  • Anything else to go with that?
  • A cluck bun, oh and cajun fries!
  • How about to drink?
  • Five Points XPA!
  • Great choice.

And in less than a minute I’ve ordered a quarter of the menu!  Which as you can see from the picture up there, isn’t extensive, and is based on their street food roots.  Which does what it needs to do.  Fried Chicken!  With something for the vegetarians (read: Halloumi).  Not sure about the vegans though…

The dining area isn’t particularly huge with about 18 covers.  But it’s not like you’re gonna spend hours eating your chicken burger with a knife and fork.  Unless, of course, that’s how you do it.  Like eating pizza with a knife and fork… I mean… who the…

Every inch of their walls are covered with stickers reflecting things like “bad mother clucker” and, “chicks with d***”  yeah, maybe I’m not bringing my nephew here.

I get a seat, along side two other people And in a moment of “there’s a glitch in the Matrix”, find out that all three of us have ordered the same thing.  Strips, cluck bun, cajun fries, and the XPA.

The sauce, and spices on everything is piquant, delightful, exquisite, yummy.  Yeah let’s stick with yummy.

Because really, that’s what it is.  Mother Clucker do really yummy fried chicken. Better than the Colonel, and definitely better than the stuff you get in combos like “6 wings and fries with a soft drink (Mirinda please)”.

Are they pricey?  Well yes, when you’re generally used to spending four quid for above mentioned 6 wing combo.  But considering the standard and prices you generally get for street food, then this is so, so worth it.

’nuff said.


Address : 59-61 Roseberry Ave, EC1R 4SD

Instagram: @MotherClucker


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