The Uses of Liquids…. hint: Alcohol

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy” – Frank Sinatra

When the topic of the weekly photo challenge comes up on Daily Post blog one of my first things to do is shove the topic in my google Photos page and see what comes up.

“You can have any brew you want… as long as it’s a Corona.” – Dominic Toretto

“Hello Brooklyn! How you doing? Where you going? Can I come too” – Hello Brooklyn, Jay-Z

OK I get it,

OK OK I GET IT *sob*

Yes, in my acts of food photography, I do also like to have a beer

…or two.

And don’t forget the bourbon either.


But it wasn’t all alcohol! No, no! I do sometimes have a moment of clarity (no), brilliance (nope), greatness (never), luck (that sounds more like it) Let’s stick with luck!

and bang, right place, right time

Not too shabby!

Up in the mountains of Sa Pa, Vietnam

and also, down in the cities of Saigon, Vietnam. *sigh* at least the beer was cheap here 🙂


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