“Perhaps omelet skills should be learned at the same time you learn to f***.”


-photo taken from Wikipedia

I am still trying to process what has happened.  As is much, I expect, much of the culinary world.

We watched Bourdain, march across the world, dragging us along as he ate…  well ate near enough anything that looked remotely interesting (raw seal eyes anyone?)  Programmes, such as the Layover, and more recently The Reservation, and Parts Unknown all showing us what the world had to offer.  Even in your own backyard, his London episodes of the Layover, and Parts Unknown showed me (and Marco Pierre-White) what London has going on under our very noses.

Many of us had our eyes opened, as he eff’d and blinded his way in his books such as Kitchen Confidential, and Medium Raw.  No-one was safe from his sharp tongue (pen?)

“PETA doesn’t want stressed animals to be cruelly crowded into sheds, ankle-deep in their own crap, because they don’t want any animals to die-ever-and basically think chickens should, in time, gain the right to vote.”

Not even himself

“ A loud, egotistical, one-note asshole…who should just shut the fuck up”

His works became research material at one point for many people.  I remember when I went to New Orleans, during one night out, people wanted to hit Snake and Jake’s

“Anthony Bourdain recommended this place” was chanted like some sort of mantra as we stumbled through quiet NOLA streets to this bar… If only some of us who stumbled over there at 1:00AM remember to bring ID…

And who else would be able to sit across the President of the United States, on a low plastic stool, eating bun cha noodles, and drinking a beer, in a Hanoi, Vietnam.

To paraphrase the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”:  

Anthony Bourdain, so long, and thanks for all the food!

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