BOB’S Lobster Wine Bar & Kitchen – London Bridge

You’ll come here twice, maybe multiple times.  I know I did, dragging friends along with me on the opening night, and the afternoon on the next day.

One of said friends had just finished a three-course meal just an hour previously.

He still said it was worth it (but I got most of the donuts).

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself…


BOBs Lobster wine bar & Kitchen, hold on, can we abbreviate that?  Actually, can you abbreviate something that is already an acronym? Anyway, they are part of a growing trend of seeing those lovely food stalls (or in this case, campervan) we all see at our favourite food markets take the step and move into more permanent residences.  For a recent case, see the guys at MotherClucker who opened their restaurant in Exmouth Market not too long ago.

However, for the guys and girls (Rob, Jamie, Stephanie) this was also a chance to grow into something more.  And so, with “Executive Chef Morgwn Preston-Jones & Head Chef Ana Mailei” a dinner menu was produced. One that takes what they do for lunch (lobster rolls, and tacos to name a few), and give it that slightly dinner time glamour.

Being one of the first to move into the Arches by London Bridge Station, a 10-minute walk from Borough Market, it is a gorgeous place.  They have 50 or so covers spread across booths, tables, high tables, high chairs by the bar. There is something for whatever kind of party you rock up with.

And the staff are nice, chirpy, dare I say, with personality.

Also the campervan is here! 

And it’s more than just a showpiece, it’s actually a prep station where you can some of the food being prepared.


But let’s be honest, you’re here because you want to know about the food.

If you didn’t get the hint from the opening paragraph…  it’s great.
The menu here is built around the premise that you order many dishes, all to share.  A concept, that while not new (think tapas), is one I am seeing more and more in restaurants.


And it’s a concept that works!  If you’re on your own, a small dish works much like tapas. Get a glass of wine (from their extensive list), and enjoy it with a mini lobster roll… or the tacos.

And if you’re with friends, get many dishes, and share.  Giving you all something to discuss, when your eyes have finished glazing over from the flavours.

On my trips, we ended up ordering…


Mini lobster rolls

(note the picture is for two portions).  Where they have taken there gorgeous signiture lobster roll, and made it bite-sized (or at least, bite-sized for me).  All the flavours, that you expect are still there.


White Clam Pizza PieIs this really a pizza?  This is a debate my friend wanted to start, and not one I cared for at this stage (after 3 beers).  Either way, I loved this, especially as the cheeses used included pecorino which gave it a really lovely sharp taste.  But honestly, I can’t wax lyrical about it. Since I was too busy rolling up it up New York style and shoving them in my gob.


Purple Octopus Carpaccio
You’ll probably spend ages trying to figure out the right angle for taking an Instagram photo of this (I know I did).  More time then it takes to devour it!


Fried Chicken with Caviar
I do wonder what kind of thinking it takes to decide that sweet-tea is what you should marinate your chicken in.  Whoever thought it up, please keep doing it.


Ahi Tuna Tacos
Because Tacos okay?  And these guys, have never got tacos wrong.  I should, in the interest of fairness, mention that it is sashimi tuna.  So yes, raw. However, one bite of these forever converted one of my dining partners.


Also did I mention wine?  Because they have a lot of it here.  A selection of 100 Rob tells me.  They also have a nice range of spirits, including bourbon.  Which makes me happy.   And I’m pretty sure the staff here are more than able to recommend pairings.

Or you can just get a beer… (which number am I on now?)


Oh yeah, also donuts

They also do a cheese board, which I really wanted to order, but no longer had space for…

To wrap up, BOB and co were already smashing it up for lunch.  They are now doing so for dinner!  Head on over… bring your friends

Address: Unit 59 St. Thomas Street, London, SE1 3QX

Instagram: @bobs_lobster


PS yes, BOB is an acronym, yes I do know what it means, no I am not telling you.

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