Passyunk Avenue – Fitzrovia, London

“You’ve taken me to a dive bar”

“You’ll love it”

“We’ll see”

This was the conversation uttered as we rocked up to the entrance, after passing a few pubs, restaurants on Cleveland Street. A bar/restaurant named after a street from Philadelphia, on a street with the same name as a city in Ohio… Irony? Serendipity? a massive coincidence? Not sure. The only thing I know is yes, yes I have taken him to a dive bar.

I mean, it’s written up there right underneath the sign.

Passyunk Avenue is is not a replica of a dive bar from Philly. It IS a full-on, proper dive bar from the people behind Liberty Cheesesteak food truck. Who were from Philadelphia, And American expats and tourists just gravitate to this place further strengthening its authenticity.

I’ve been wanting to visit here since they opened in March. Therefore, I was alittle excited that I finally got here. And you know what, it was packed. To the extent you will probably want to book if you want to come here. Or chance your luck (like we did), and score the last two seats, by the bar downstairs… during a World Cup game.

Can you imagine the mayhem in this place during a Superbowl? Maybe book your seats now.

Anyway, let’s get straight to it, you probably came here because of the food (at least, that’s why I initially wanted to come here).

Sandwiches, hoagies, and, of course, philly cheesesteaks, along with buffalo wings (served with gorgeous blue cheese sauce), and a list of sides that you can pick from.

Everything rocks, the Philly cheesesteak is a must have. It’s a massive portion that puts a Subway footlong to shame. You will want “wiz” cheese on everything (just, don’t ask about its origins)…

and onions…

Also, apparently there is some lingo behind this. I haven’t learned it. I just nodded my head as they mentioned stuff, and I ended up with these…

Isn’t she a beaut?

Drinks wise, they have kept it simple, it’s beer mainly, with a few bottles of spirits (woohoo Bourbon), and wine. You should not have a problem with choice here. Which is a good thing. It means you can get down to the business of drinking it quickly.

As always, the people are what make the place. You could have the greatest food in the world, but you also need great people to run the joint. Passyunk has great people running it. Props to the marketing man Daniel, who took time to talk to us about the place. And to Tayo (I’ve probably butchered your name there, sorry), who again, was friendly, attentive, and had great stories behind his tattoos (go on, ask him about “marmalade”)

Just be warned, you may just end up doing shots of Jim Beam, with a beer chaser with other guys at the bar (who also happen to run some of the best wing places in Dinerama).

So head on over, I know I’ll be dragging my friends back here.

Address: 80 Cleveland Street, W1T 6NE, Fitzrovia, LONDON

Instagram: Passyunkavenue


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