A “Portion” of Foodies

A new collective noun for foodies right here!

Or at least, that’s what I believe it should be.  I think someone suggested “Fondue” of foodies before.  But “Portion” is the better word I think.

Earlier in the week, @nomnom_london had the great idea to invite me along to a foodie meetup she was organising.  She has a fantastic Instagram feed that constantly makes me drool.  Also meaning, I constantly end up at the places she’s posted about.  Of course, following the invite, I went into a massive panic attack!  A myriad of thoughts ran through my head.

“what do I wear?” “Is it fashionable to turn up late?” “how much camera gear do I bring with me?” and on and on and on this went.  For about 3 seconds, because why on earth should I be worried?  It’s not like I’m an introvert that has problems talking with strangers (note: sarcasm right here).  Which is highly ironic since my job as a recruiter means I spend every DAY speaking to strangers.

We would all be eating at Lagu Cafe in Clapham.   Opened back in 2013, they have been serving Japanese food to many local happy customers.  All of which say great things about them!  If anything, I wouldn’t have had to worry about the food.

Takoyaki? Hell yeah.  Salmon Don (rice bowl with salmon, avocado, and cucumber)?  Woohoo!

Where was I?  Oh yeah, panic attack about the fact it was lunch with essentially twenty other IGers, all of which I probably followed already, and stalked mercilessly! (not creepy at all)

Saturday, rocked around, and I’m walking down to the restaurant with my Spotify blaring songs that I psych myself up with.  You know, the stuff just before you do your next set of squats!  So no, it wasn’t Eye of Tiger, or You’re the Best Around (Karate Kid soundtrack – oh come on, some of you MUST have known that).

Walking into Cafe Lagu, you first get the impression of “Japanese? Really?”  The light airy colours and “rustic” wooden tables for two gave off more of a coffee house vibe.  It’s not until you look at the shelves behind the counter and see rows, and rows of shelves filled with bottles of Shochu, sake, and all manner of Japanese drinks.  Also matcha lattes.

Having been directed to the back room, I’m greeted by a few people who have already turned up.   And instantly, any problems or worries that had been swimming through my head instantly disappeared.

Because, in the end, we were all there for the same reason.  Get some nice food, and then take pictures of said food.

Which, if you’ve never been to one of these things before (like me), was interesting, to say the least.

Now I like visiting new places.  However, it’s only with a select few friends that I am granted the liberty of stealing their food and barring them from touching it until I’ve had a crack of taking a picture.  Which can be annoying when you’ve already been waiting for an undisclosed amount of time.  But, that’s what friends are for (using them to buy food that you can take pictures of).

However, being surrounded by foodies who are not only used to that, but also actively encourage it, with phrases of “let’s get some pictures”, “bring it over here, the light’s better”, and “ooh what’s that?” was oddly… odd.

In fact, it gets quite competitive for space!  Case in point

And not just about taking the photos either.  Table space becomes akin to real estate!


In the end, it’s always about the light baby!

And at the very least, getting your bloody camera settings right!

I know dark photos are a thing now, but that was ridiculous!

I also did fanboy over some of the cameras that people were using, from the Fujifilm X-T20, to the Canon 5D.

Gotta catch em all get that flat lay, top-down shot!

No seriously, there’s at least about £5,000 worth of electronic equipment in this photo

However, even with the camera envy, I still abide by the same rule (if a little clichéd)

The best camera is the one you have.  Because everyone took some truly wonderful photos on iPhones, Samsungs, Pixels, and OnePluses.  That’d be me with the OnePlus.

Oh wait, that means I’m assuming I take decent photos.  Bad ego!  Get back in your box…

It was an eerie quietness that descended on the group following the photo-taking bonanza!  Food was finally being consumed, and conversations of photo taking were replaced with discussions about

  1.  How damn good the food was.
  2. Where to get other damn good food!

And it’s this second topic that had everyone taking notes on their phones, pinning places on Google Maps and debating which places were better.

Personally, I couldn’t have been happier if I tried… Mainly because I had another list of places to go to!

And then photo taking craziness happened again… this time for desserts!

Matcha cakes with ice-cream anyone?

How about four of them!

Jeez, you’d think we owned the place!!!

Finally, after three hours of this, we were finally set to go.  A group picture was taken.  I seriously thought that the girl we got to take the photo was gonna tip forward just from the sheer weight of the Canon 5D.  Which, if it DID happen, would have been both hilarious, and mortifying on so many levels.

But it didn’t and we got a lovely photo to commemorate this occasion.  And I got a much better insight into how people do this.

Many many thanks to @nomnom_london for organising this.  I probably won’t be invited back (something about fried chicken)!

Also to Cafe Lagu!

Instagram: @lagugram


Address: Lavender Hill 151, Battersea, SW11 5QJ


And also a shoutout to the following crazy people

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Simple but amazing food and outrageous good times✨❤❤❤ 😭Thank you so much for coming and thank you @lagugram for planning so much!! After all these meetups I still get super excited about meeting everyone. You guys are the cutest human beings ever🙆 BIG BEAR HUGS TO YOU ALL. HUG ME BACK NOW . . Let the food outing group begin 😂👇 @blackbird2610 @myasianfoodstory @jimboiuk @renae_tarwee @hanrutmoe @twohonesttruths @tseyuenlamtiffany @atomuhz @dakinidiao @coffeecakeandcarbs @londonourway @lisalinht @cellarpantrytravels @chubby_eats @therestauranttrotter @kimmchews @futhefoodie @fynico_ (I am pretty sure I missed some names ahhhh I am sorry) and those who aren't in the picture. Can you send your photos over so I can photoshop you in?

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