Fuwa Fuwa Cafe (Cloud based pancakes)

No, I do not mean pancakes that are hosted on Amazon’s AWS platform.

As decisions go, the day you pick to open your new permanent store can be a big one.

Ideally, you would want everything in place.  All the decor up, and the staff bright eyed and bushy tailed.  As well as everything to be in working order.

You would probably ask for some nice weather.

And not the one day that’s p*****g it down.

However, Lee and his crew have made the decision to do just this.

“stealthiest of stealth launches you’ll ever see”…”but truth be told, we’re not quite ready yet”

I mean, does this look like “not ready”?

Having had a nice stint in Westfield, Stratford serving up the lightest fluffiest pancakes in existence. His pop-up reached the end of its tenure.

And after months of waiting, we can now sample what clouds would taste like again.

“fuwafuwa”, Japanese for “fluffy”

Like others, we’ve been waiting for Lee to figure out where he would be able to open up shop.  Chinatown or Soho would have been the most obvious choice.  However with massive competition from just about every cuisine. And the challenge of astronomical rents, Lee decided upon Brunswick Centre.  Located between Russell Square, and Kings Cross..


The day, however, was made memorable as Lee pulled on every resource he had.  Such as getting his cousin to create some of the cutest signage ever.

To having Instagrammers suddenly working as table staff.  @manvireats is truly a workaholic.

Me, the most I did was do a run for some batteries.

It was fun to watch as customers rocked up and we would guess if they were there from Instagram.  Or from curiosity at the new cafe that’s popped up between Vodafone and Itsu.

And the people who did pop in and wait patiently were rewarded with pancakes.

Which were topped with a variety of goodies including


Berries and cream

Matcha, and red bean.

Basically depending on what the chef decided.

Since they’re “not quite ready yet” (really this looks streamlined!)

No doubt the menu, a fluid, dynamic set that changes as each customer walks in, will slowly be refined into something magical.  As will the process of getting a production line for pancakes.  For now, it is a slow one.

I’m happy these pancakes have returned.  And they were totally worth the wait.  Even if the store is an hour travel from my house.

What we do need to see is how the store evolves in the coming months.  That is likely to be the true test for Lee and co as they crank out these goodies.  Also, I think someone mentioned shaved ice desserts.  Will definitely need to check back soon.

PS.  I want my Vietnamese coffee!


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Fuwa Fuwa Cafe

Address Brunswick Centre, Brunswick Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1AE (located between Vodafone and Itsu, nearest station Russell Square)

Instagram @fuwafuwalondon




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