Xmas Ham to the Rescue!

“…J was doing the roast veg”

That was the paraphrased message I got the afternoon before our Christmas Pot Luck. A line, that basically said. “You’re cooking roast veg”. It wasn’t a request or an order, it was simply… a statement of fact. You just had to read between the lines! Or at least, understand my sister.

I had been in the West End, roaming around looking for stuff to photograph, and eat. Maybe both.

Buko pie with ube icecream, Mamasons, Chinatown, London, Dec ’18

Stuff like this amazing buko (coconut) pie, with a fantastic crumble. Although, I will say, not as good a mum’s. Hey, I’m biased, what can I say! I had also wanted to try CocoICHIBANYA which had just opened.

Maybe I’ll give it a few days/weeks… months

Before going back to roast these veg, I decided it’d be good to take a walk down to one of my favourite street food markets. It’d be rude not to, since I was in the area. And by in the area, I mean about an hour’s walk…

Because it’s Christmas.

And with that out of the way, it was time to go home, and peel/roast the veg.

Now let’s be honest for a moment here. It’s not even particularly hard, or tedious do this. Couple of bags of carrots, and parsnips. A swede. Add in a Spotify playlist, and you’re good to go. Hell, there can be something oddly theraputic about skinning a load of vegetables. Or is that just me?

But just like any good story, there has to be a twist thrown in. And that comes in the form of a phone call from my sister saying how:

“I think we need more meat”

Did you manage to read through the lines? Off to the supermarket we went, where surprisingly, there was still joints of meat available. Remember, we’re only two and a half days before Christmas. And it’s 8:00 PM.

And it’s with this ham, that a long cooking process of boiling it for a few hours, and then baking it in the oven with a honey glaze (thank you Gordon Ramsey) ensued.

And it scored me major brownie points!

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