Don’t Touch the Food!

Their underlying message was… go out and take pictures. Just take pictures, none stop. There’s no better way to learn about things like composition, as well as how things like shutter speed, aperture, ISO affect your photos

World of Foodcraft

At one point, I had an addon (fan-made changes to the game to improve quality of life) that literally told me what button to press next. Why did I have to press that button? who knows, didn’t care. I was told to press it.

Dublin – The Things You Hear (and eat)

My alarm is going off at 6:30AM.  Actually, I’m not sure if it’s the alarm, or just the bells ringing in my head accompanying my hangover.  In fact, I might still be drunk.

N’Awlins? Day 3

The sugar high on these things must be immense.  Also, if you sneeze while around these things (besides being gross), you will probably end up coating yourself with icing sugar